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Ellinor Olovsdottir, also known as Elliphant, is the unforgettable voice behind such singles as Down on Life and Love Me Badder. “Society very much tried to change me as a kid,” she says of her upbringing in a pre-gentrified rough neighborhood in southern Stockholm. “They said I was wrong and everything I wanted was wrong.” She escaped as soon as she turned 18, and began traveling the world with a backpack, a notebook and a desire for experience and defiant self-expression.

During that time Elli (the name she prefers) discovered music as yet another super-open creative channel in her brain. Fast forward a few years and she’s adopted the moniker Elliphant, signed to Sweden’s Record Company TEN, followed by Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe Records, put out several hype-stoking EPs, starred in an iPad commercial, and recently released her album Living Life Golden to much success. Elli’s unconventional, free-spirited approach to life and art may set her apart in the pop world, but given the response to her music thus far, it appears to be exactly what the pop world has been waiting to hear.

Branding Cubes image
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