Heaps Gay Heaps Yummy

Co-presented with Heaps Gay and YUMMY

Featuring Donny Benét + Broadway Sounds + HTML Flowers + HABITS + YUMMY CREW + KT Spit + YO! MAFIA + Salvador Darling + WAHE + Bahdoesa + Brooke Powers + Karen From Finance + trixie darko + FURY + Gaytimes DJs + HONCHO DISKO DJs + Thursgay DJs + James Andrews + Benjamin Hancock + Tanzer + James Welsby + BENI LOLA + Hannie Helsden + Zelia Rose + Estée Louder + DJ RUBY SLIPPERS + Matto Lucas + Xanthe Dobbie + Heaps Gay DJs

Come feast your senses as Heaps Gay teams up with the legendary YUMMY, for a spectacular night of deca*dance* in the iconic State Library Victoria. Boasting a veritable smorgasbord of delectable musical talent, you’ll be heading back for seconds, thirds and let’s face it – all the desserts. Hit the bain-marie hard, doll, and catch succulent performances from all the tasty queers you love.

Wednesday’s the new Saturday, sweetheart! More nasty than Foie Gras, more sickening than Casu Marzu, more debaucherous than Ortolan Bunting, it tastes sweeter too!

It will be tellement délicieux and you know it’ll have you gagging.

This event is 18+

Queen’s Hall, State Library Victoria

328 Swanston St, Melbourne

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  • 7.30pm - 1.30am | Wednesday 16 Nov

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$21.02 +bf

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$27.64 +bf

$35 (subject to availability)

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