Lunch Box: SILENT JAY + Planetself

Co-presented with MzRizk

Let music break the daily grind with the Lunch Box series – a full bill of free lunchtime gigs at the MMW Hub: State Library Victoria. Since 2012, this popular series has been providing a welcome interruption to work days. Enjoy lunch while a stable of Australian talent takes to the stage.

Planetself is a cosmic vibration beamed down to you via ethereal planes. Sparkle dust from wonderful noises of Madlib beat tapes, Dillas donuts, Janets vocal crescendos, 4Heros broken approaches, Jill Scotts poetic flows, Joni Mitchell musings and Mr.Scruff teleportation devices – all culminated in the otherworldly space and landing on your inner ears.

Almost-forgotten ’90s R&B B-sides, dusty 45s, a blissful midday nap and the sting of not-quite realised romance are just some of the rich textures and colours that Melbourne-based multi-instrumentalist Silentjay – the project of Alejandro Jay Abapo – captures with his unique production, soulfully understated voice and phone book of friends and collaborators that he creates the perfect foil for.


Forecourt, State Library Victoria

328 Swanston St, Melbourne

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  • 12.30 - 1.30pm | Saturday 19 Nov


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