Signal: VICMOD Interactive Workshop

Co-presented with Stable Music

Featuring Ehsan Gelsi (Novation Music) + Ross Healy (VICMOD Records)

This free workshop features access to an incredible collection of modular synths with a mix of demos, talks about workflow and an engaging discussion on the instrument’s evolution . This event is designed to be hands on and invites you to listen to the systems on display, give them a tweak or two and speak with their creators one on one.

Ross Healy has his fingers firmly on the pulse of the modular synth renaissance and as coordinator of the VICMOD group and an avid collector of synthesisers of all shapes, sizes and vintage. He will give you a rundown of his latest modular build and share insight into how these incredible machines work.

Ehsan Gelsi’s work with Novation has seen him incorporating the Circuit groovebox into a modular setup – bridging the world of analogue and digital – and offering a new workflow that allows the modular to interact with Circuit in new ways, such as creating blended compositions and soundscapes, building a performance setup, and reaching the holy grail of live modular-based performance.

Experimedia, State Library Victoria

328 Swanston St, Melbourne

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  • 3 - 7pm | Sunday 13 Nov

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