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MMW Talks: Music’s Visual Worlds

An in depth discussion on the visual elements of music

Sat 24 Nov
Julian Opie Exhibition Space, Ground Level, NGV International
Free event

How often do album covers or video clips seep into your mind when you hear music? British artist Julian Opie is best known to many for the iconic album artwork he created for Blur.

Join a panel of musicians and artists including Darren Sylvester, Sui Zhen, Mia Mala McDonald and Elizabeth Mitchell, as they sit down amongst Opie’s NGV exhibition to discuss the process and vision for forming the visual elements to accompany music – from album artwork to music videos – and how they feed into one another.

Curated by Jessie French.

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  • Free with registration
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Julian Opie Exhibition Space, Ground Level, NGV International

180 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne VIC 3006, Australia
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