SONGS TO… by DJ Kiti

We asked Melbourne born and raised DJ Kiti to share her Songs To playlist. Catch DJ Kiti’s diverse and eclectic sounds at DJ Hell + Honeysmack + Acid Safari ++ at St Paul’s Cathedral on Sat 18 Nov or at Boney as part of the Live Music Safari on Thu 23 Nov.

Song to fall asleep to
The entire album, Amber by Autechre

Song you’d play at 3am
Caracal by Cassegrain

Song you play when you’re cooking spag bol
Venus by Frankie Avalon

Song that is your guilty pleasure
Slave 4 U by Britney Spears

Song you would play right now to someone you love
Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush

Song that sums up your current mood
Motion by Boy Harsher

Song you always return to
The Final Frontier by UR

Song from one of your favourite artists
Private Life by Grace Jones

Song for a night out in Melbourne
Physique by Amato

Song that has your favourite lyrics
Pissing In A River by Patti Smith

Song you wish you wrote
Heroes by David Bowie