SONGS TO… by The Harpoons’ Bec Rigby

Bec Rigby (AKA Big Rig) from The Harpoons shared with us her ultimate Songs To playlist… we must admit, it did make us chuckle. Catch The Harpoons at St Paul’s Cathedral along with Sampa The Great + Fortunes. ++ on Fri 24 Nov.

Song to fall asleep to
The Homeless Wanderer by Emahoy Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou

Song you would send to your secret crush
Dancing Close by Rita Joyce. No jokes here this song is HOT

Song you’d play at 3am
If I’ve been drinking… Dancing in the Moonlight – The Frontloader cover of course!

Song you play when you’re cooking
The entire Riverdance soundtrack. I refuse to put this in ‘Guilty Pleasure’ section because it’s a work of art I listen to a lot at the moment

Song that is your guilty pleasure
I don’t beliebe in guilty pleasures, any pleasure is ok! That having been said, all of Justin Bieber

Song you would play right now to someone you love
Love, Love, Love by Donny Hathaway

Song that sums up your current mood
Every Me Every You by Placebo

Song you always return to
Da Thong Song by Sisqo

Song from one of your favourite artists
Cosmic Girl by Jamiroquai

Song that your best friend would send to you
Man Makes Clarinet Out Of Carrot by Linsey Pollak on Ted Talks

Song for a night out in Melbourne
Gotta Love This City Baby by R.A.E.D. (where is he now?)