SONGS TO… by Anuraag

We asked Anuraag to share his ultimate Songs To playlist. Catch Anuraag, alongside Sampa The Great + Fortunes. + The Harpoons ++, St Paul’s Cathedral, on Fri 24 Nov.


Song to Fall Asleep To
The Rocky River Imaginary Softwoods

Song you would send to your secret crush
New Romantic by Andy Stott

Song you’d play at 3am
Death of Real by Aurora Halal

Song that is your guilty pleasure
Sharpshooter by Nerve

Song you would play right now to someone you love
A Case Of You by Joni Mitchell

Song that sums up your current mood
I Feel Lit by LA-4A

Song you always return to
Work by Rihanna

Song from one of your favourite artists
Father, You Have Left Me by Shackleton

Song for a night out in Melbourne
Everything is Exactly The Same by Nine Inch Nails

Song you wish you wrote
Volumes by Minor Science

Song from someone you admire
Water Acid by Hymns

Song to play alone in your room at night
Confession by Sapphire Slows