SONGS TO… by Banoffee

Set to lead the charge as one of Australia’s most exciting musical exports, Banoffee is the solo project of Melbourne-raised, LA-based singer and producer Martha Brown. Her recipe of new wave, R’n’B, meshed with gliding synths, syncopated beats and textured vocals will be taking over St Paul’s Cathedral for closing night, Jacques Greene + Banoffee + Planète ++ on Sat 25 Nov.

Song to fall asleep to
Time (the revelator) by Gillian Welch

Song you would send to your secret crush
I’m So Into You by Ashanti

Song you’d play at 3am
Boys by Charlie xcx

Song that is your guilty pleasure
I’m Stupid (But I Love You) by Okay Kaya

Song that sums up your current mood
Go To Hell by Empress Of

Song from one of your favourite artists
Not Dancing by Tirzah

Song that has your favourite lyrics
Ballroom by Mary Glenn

Song you wish you wrote
Don’t Wait by Mapei

Song to dance alone to
When I Grow Up by Fever Ray | @banoffeemusic