SONGS TO… by Divide and Dissolve

We asked Texan/Australian neoclassical ambient doom duo Divide and Dissolve to compile their ultimate Songs To playlist. Catch them at Julianna Barwick + Kath Bloom + Divide And Dissolve ++ on Fri 17 Nov.

Song to fall asleep to

Song you would send to your secret crush
Go All Night by Kelela

Song you play when you’re cooking spag bol
I Want To Break Free by Queen

Song you would play right now to someone you love
Reckless by Australian Crawl

Song that sums up your current mood
Mugwort Shield by Johnny Ointment

Song you always return to
Territory by The Blaze

Song from one of you favourite artists
Virile by The Blaze

Song that your best friend would send to you