SONGS TO… by Fortunes.

We asked Melbourne-based, New Zealand-born electronic duo Fortunes. to share their Songs To playlist. Catch Fortunes. alongside Sampa The Great, The Harpoons, Spike F**k ++ at St Paul’s Cathedral on Fri 24 Nov.

Song to fall asleep to
Homebody by Nai Palm

Song you play when you’re cooking spag bol
HallaluljaI I Love Her so by Ray Charles

Song that is your guilty pleasure
What Lovers Do by Maroon 5 feat. SZA

Song you would play right now to someone you love
Daddies by Fortunes.

Song you always return to
Untitled by D’Angelo

Song that your best friend would send to you
Onanon by Kelela

Song that has your favourite lyrics
Mascara by Jasmine Sullivan

Song you wish you wrote
Ivy by Frank Ocean

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