At MMW we’re committed to minimising our environmental impact, and are taking proactive steps to reduce the event’s landfill and carbon emissions. From reusable cups to carbon offsetting the Hub, we’ve got a number of pretty cool green initiatives that you can read about below and help us by getting behind.


Carbon Offsetting

Make a difference and carbon offset your ticket. For just $1 punters can help offset the MMW Hub’s carbon footprint, with funds invested into regenerating Australian native forests. The project works to reduce the impact of stock grazing, enabling habitat regeneration, and also provides diversity of income for remote land holders, ensuring the ongoing viability of farming businesses and support for the community which is suffering rural decline.

Reuse, Refill

We’re ditching single-use plastic cups at the Hub. Instead, when you go to the bar to get a drink you’ll pay a one-off deposit for a reusable cup. When you need a refill, you’ll be able to swap your cup for a fresh one, and at the end of the gig when you return your cup you’ll get part of your deposit back. We’ll also have water refill stations on site so you can fill your cup with water or bring your own reusable drink bottle with you (just make sure it isn’t made from glass).

No Straw Policy

Here’s a terrifying fact – every piece of plastic ever produced still remains somewhere in the earth today. Which is why we’re going straw-less at the Hub. We get it. Drinking through a straw is kind of nice but for most people they are completely unnecessary and their environmental impact is devastating. Aside from the energy it takes to produce and transport them, the majority of straws either end up in land fill or make their way into the ocean where they entangle marine animals and are consumed by fish.

Do Your Bit

We’d love it if you helped us too. When you are coming to Hub, bring a reusable drink bottle, which you can fill at our water stations. That way you’re looking after the environment and saving money – it’s a win win. Opt for walking, riding or catching public transport to events; don’t print your tickets – download them and we’ll scan them off your phone; and make sure anything that can go in the recycling bin does. Easy.

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